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about us     warranty / return    packaging     new products    all products     orders tracking     reviews     special offer     contact




       Welcome to Cattylink Analog Research - a legally set up company in 2002 and the FIRST in Hong Kong that is 100% dedicated to China-made High-end Audio Equipment and granted full member of Federation of Hong Kong Industries.


     We are set up by audiophiles, musicians and music lovers but NOT businessmen and our mission is to promote China-made Audio to the world at the lowest possible price but with highest quality assurance standard. Individual music lovers can now enjoy the sound from the East at a cost even lower than ordinary dealer's rate. Also, nightmare of damage to the ordered equipment during transportation is no longer an hindrance thanks to our exclusive

"ANTI-PRESSURE PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING TECHNIQUE" which has been proven to stand for the whole transportation process without even minor damage to the original outer package.  

     All items supplied by us are guaranteed to be original and genuine; 100% BRAND NEW products from authorized distributors that are entitled to manufacturers' original warranty coverage. We are perhaps the inventor of a practical business concept: "Actual Distribution plus Virtual Distribution Principle" and this would effect a control over the whole range of products from Chinese audio equipment manufacturers. In short, "Actual Distribution" means the straight forward distributor status for a manufacturer such as ESOUND, OMOAUDIO, ANALOG RESEARCH, NTA, SARIS LABORAOTRY etc while "Virtual Distribution" implies the background control of authorized distributors on other brands in China - by direct capital investment in opening audio stores and audio trading firms and apply official dealership from them. This is important to escape the control of manufacturers, especially those having strong interests in overseas markets, so as to achieve a long term low price strategy with stable stock supply to fulfill our mission requirement. 

     In March 2004, Cattylink Analog Research Ltd was admitted to full membership to the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI).  FHKI is a leading association in Hong Kong and China, and as a functional constituency, elects a representative to the Legislative Council of HKSAR. In addition, Cattylink Analog Research has been granted status as "PayPal World Seller" and "2co Certified Seller" which provides further strong proofs to our competent and honest business practice.

     All items prepared for delivery should have passed our Professional Pre-export Quality Assurance Tests (120 hours) conducted by Cattylink Technical Support Unit to prevent problems on arrival. The test is a serious one which will include, for example, in a cd player: the rca output balance, xlr output balance (if any), digital outputs functioning (optical, coaxial and balanced - if present), intermittent playbacks, continuous playbacks, scratch discs playback accuracy tests etc. Even we strongly recommend taking this free professional test before shipment, clients can choose not to conduct any test and request immediate shipment. We have 3 warehouses located in Guangdong province (China) and stock of various brands and models is always sufficient enough to meet any demand of immediate shipment. 

     We offer a variety of choices in shipment process ranging from Express Door-to-door Delivery (DHL, TNT, FEDEX OR UPS), Self-pickup Arrangement at Major Airports to Economic Shipment by Sea Freight; depending on the shipment size and clients' preference. We have strong relationship with major forwarders and is able to offer discounted rates for delivery. For International Express Door-to-door Delivery, general insurance is already included in the delivery charge and Air waybill tracking numbers will be sent to clients immediately upon delivery arrangement. For other means of delivery, general insurance is in a voluntary basis.

     Unlike most HiFi shops and internet sellers, we have set up our own Packaging Unit and every export item will have been treated with our "Anti-Pressure Professional Packaging Process" designed by our Logistics Unit Head - Mr Thomson Wu. In short, the process will include 12 branch cartoons strongly fixed to 12 edges of a box with whole piece of heavy duty protective layer covering the whole box afterwards. Some clients have told us that it took them half a day to open them and some clients even make jokes that this kind of packaging can even stand "Nuclear War"!!! Apart from joking, this kind of packaging has proven to protect perfectly the hi-end audio equipment inside and clients will no longer worry about damage to their beloved equipment owing to harsh transportation process. 


       With Cattylink Analog Research, audiophiles from all parts of the world can enjoy real high-end audio equipment from China without worrying about problematic batches and used items simply because we only supply 100% new and first class quality batches. It is the right time to taste the special emotion from the art of tuning brought by those artistic audio engineers from the East.