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XINDAK DAC 5 Stereo Vacuum Tube DA Converter

DAC-5 is a new D/A converter of Xindak with excellent upgraded performance. In order to improve the sound quality, Xindak engineers have used patent technology on avoiding dynamic invalidation of capacitors. This can reduce distortion on the treble end.

DAC-5 can upgrade the digital signal recorded in PCM format of common CD player to 24Bit/192Khz to achieve higher processing precision, highly improvement on the dynamics and treble extension, making the sound more mellow with richer soundstage.

It adopts AD1852 24Bit/192KHz of AD company to convert digital data to analog data. The analog filtering circuit adopts low-noise resistance and OPA2604 of BB company. The double annular transformers and six independent stable power supplies can afford abundant and pure power to the circuits and ensure their most stable and best working status. Additionally, it also corrects Jitter time base errors at the same time.

Vacuum tube + transistor dual rca outputs

Transistor xlr balanced output

Voltage Standard Available: 220V, 230V

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