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Xindak FS-GOLD HiFi Speaker Cable



 Made elaborately of electrum foil, (which is smelted by using the most advanced technology at present: Vacuum Smelting), by using the patented multi-layer sandwich structure, on which Xindak has the independent intellectual property: winding isolation medium of polythene or polypropylene with superior dielectric constant among layers to separate the positive electrode and the cathode; adorning the exterior of the layer with soft and thick PVC, so as to fix the wire to form a shape; adorning the final exterior of the layer with luxury nylon jacket of best elasticity; fixing four well-treated gild loops at the ends, which has a strong shielding effect of preventing short circuit against the stray radio waves from the exterior. Connectors are Germany WBT plugs.


 As we know, silver is with the best electric conductivity in the nature, followed by gold and copper. However, the problem related to the silver is that: when it is fused into the shapes as needed by using the hot melting method, molecule particles of silver will cool down one by one and become "crystal beads" with clearances among them. It is just like if you put many small steel balls in one container, there would certainly be many small cavities among the balls. When the current signal passes by, it would be detained upon meeting such cavities. Only after changing its transmission direction instead of going straightly can it be transmitted to another molecule. Such bypassing transmission of signal would slow down the transmission speed, as a result, cause losses on dynamics and micro dynamics of signal transmission. In order to prevent such losses, FS-GOLD adopted the gold filling method, which is the most advanced and expensive method at present: uniform mixing 5% 24k GOLD into the molecule space of 95% 4N SILVER to enable passing of audio signals smoothly, ensuring rich overtones and great dynamics.

  Foil speaker wire can reduce the "skin effect" of high frequency signal during the transmission and effectively enhance the impedance data of the transmission cable: High transient current can pass. Meanwhile, the inductive reactance of this structure is very low and enable the phrase difference of signal to approach zero.

  In addition, excellent superconductivity of gold and silver enables FS-GOLD to have all superior advantages of FS series speaker wires and have a lasting appeal of being noble, magnificent, graceful and elegant.

 Sonic performances show that the most outstanding advantage of FS-GOLD is noble, realistic and natural, turning your system to sound vivid, dynamic and exquisite; completely restoring even slightest details in music. Timbre characters are sweet, beautiful, dense, smooth and  polished, which can meet the demand of “High-End”.

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

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Standard finish is 2.5M pair (2.5M x 2)

Tailor-made lengths are welcome