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Consonance PW-3 Audio Grade Universal Power Board


Audio grade Universal Power Board with NO filtering circuits

A true feed-through design at the 6 output sockets

Built by Consonance in a single all metal very solid chassis

Extremely high quality made unit  

Providing magnetic and RFI shielding

All metal construction, full enclosed metal structure

Silver color end panels made of thick aluminium

Case is made of black brushed aluminium

Act as an excellent media for incorporation of high-end power cords

Great flexibility and very tight fit universal output sockets

Could take any mains plug (UK/Euro/Australian/USA)

110V to 240V Operation

2200W at 240V Power Output Capability

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com

Despite the fact that PW-3 does not contain filtering or conditioning circuitry, but just like the PW-1,
a surprising sound quality improvement can be resulted from using this board.