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Xindak FS-2 HiFi Speaker Cable



Based on the high quality FS-1 film band speaker wire (a patented product - independent intellectual asset owned by the manufacturer), Xindak developed the high-quality FS-2 Hi-Fi speaker wire, which adopted imported 5N mono crystal oxygen-free copper film band and 4N pure silver film band composed in sandwich struture.

Interspace is filled with the excellent mediators: Teflon and plypropylene, outside coating is fixed with thick PVC which is excellent both in handling and with good elasticity, the surface is further decorated with dense deluxe nylon net which is good in creasing resistance.

The film band speaker wire design has the advantages of abolishing  'skin effect' and 'phase distortion' by its physical structure, and also can reduce characteristic impedance.

It is accepted that the pure silver is the best metal in specific conductance of unalloyed metal (when 20C the electrical resistivity of silver is only 0.016 ohm/m, in the next place, Cu is 0.0175 ohm/m, Au is 0.0225 ohm/m).

FS-2 can provide strong transient current, more strong [MHF] medium high frequency current, higher speed of signal transmission, better transparency and rich low-frequency extension. HF overtones is rich, soft and smooth but never sharp. The mid frequency band has excellent density and is smooth and clear. Especially, when coming across piano and Chinese Zheng, classical musical instruments, rich tonal quality, space sensation, dynamic strength, density etc are most noted.

Apart from all strenghts of FS-1, FS-2 presents with higher grade performance on tonal quality.

Standard finish is 2.5M pair (2.5M x 2)

Tailor-made lengths are welcome

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