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Xindak CFA-1B Carbon Fibre Interconnect Cable (XLR Balanced)


CFA-1 Interconnect Cable adopts the mixture of special carbon fiber and metal conductance as the structure. Acting as the positive polarity, the carbon fiber conductance is composed of four strands of wires, and each strand contains 6000 pieces of high purity and high saturation 6µm diameter carbon fibers. For the negative polarity, which also functions as the electromagnetism shielding layer, is consisted of four strands: each strand contains 19 pieces of 0.12mm silver-gilt OFC wires.


CFA-1B employs high quality imported gold plated XLR connectors, ensuring reliable performance and low loss..


Owing to the super steady physical, chemical characters and the special microstructure of carbon fiber, there would be no "Skin Effect" which is usually caused by the metal conductance during signal transmitting, and also no kinds of distortions caused by the signal lose on the ionic crystal interface. What is most important that those characters will not attenuate as time passed. Because of these advantages, this cable could afford exquisite and soft sound, wide sound stage as well, especially the rich musicality.  

Standard finish is 1M pair (1M x 2)

Tailor-made lengths are welcome

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