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Cayin SP105i Vacuum Tube Radio


    There are quite a few nostalgic radios on the market today. This one is basically different. Its not that kind of superficial retro design filled with nowadays-common highly integrated stuff.

     It still keeps the promise made by the solid old-fashioned case with intense use of aluminium and wood veneer. Its really powered by valves and sounds great like yesterdays’ golden tunes. It has high power (10 Watts!) and a big 12,5 cm driver, which sounds rich and controlled, supported by the big and stiff cabinet.

     It even has a headphone connector for quiet listening. And theres a lot to listen to: FM, AM, SW 1 and SW 2. So there is no limit for shortwave DXing. Its really a kind of world radio which can also be connected to your Hi-Fi system by using the integrated RCA line output.

     This high end vacuum tube radio is using high quality output transformers and a detachable power cord system (IEC).


Radio Tuning bandwidth: FM: 87 - 108 Mhz

                                              AM: 510 - 1620 kHz

                                              SW1: 4.4 - 12.0 MHz

                                             SW2: 12.0 - 22.0 Mhz

Sensivity FM: Better than 5 μV

Sensivity AM: Better than 0.5 mV

Sensivity SW: Better than 30 μV

Speaker: 5 inches full range bass reflex

Output power: 10W RMS

Headphone output load impedance: 4Ω - 300Ω

External FM antenna resistance: 75Ω

External AM / SW antenna resistance: 300Ω

Frontplate: Brushed aluminum

Power consumption: 55W maximum

Dimensions (WxDxH): 420 x 260 x 230 mm

Weight: 15 kg

Voltage Standard Available: 220V, 230V, 240V

Further Questions: info@cattylink.com

After sales and Warranty: service@cattylink.com