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about us     warranty / return    packaging     new products    all products     orders tracking     reviews     special offer     contact




     Please read through our Warranty Services and Return policy in depth before making any purchase, we will assume your full agreement to our policy when your order is made and confirmed.

Warranty Services

     Products sold to clients by Cattylink Analog Research are supported by our professional warranty services unless otherwise indicated.  Any services with requirement for shipping back will need a WSEC (Warranty Services Endorsement Code) issued by our Technical Support Team (techsupport@cattylink.com) with conditions listed below:

(A) Within 120 days of purchase - Labor, parts and shipping cost back to you after repair / replacement where appropriate will be covered. If an item is not repairable, we will replace it with a brand new one, fully tested.

(B) Over 120 days up to the warranty period (1 or 2 years as listed on individual product pages) - Labor and parts are covered, but shipping cost is not covered.


1.  Contact our Technical Support Unit (email to techsupport@cattylink.com) when services required,

2.  Give full details on the order number, product name and date of purchase, plus information on problem requiring services,

3.  Our technical support unit staff will give you a full reply within 12 hours including the Warranty Services Endorsement Code and address for posting,

4.  Ship the product in concern to the designated address provided (can be domestic or overseas) by our stated shipping method.

Important Notice: For safety reasons we will reject the receipt of any package that is not having a Warranty Services Endorsement Code or Return Authorization Code issued by Cattylink Analog Research; unauthorized opening of equipment chassis by clients or other parties without prior consent from Cattylink Analog Research will void all warranty.

Return Policy

     Items purchased from Cattylink Analog Research can be returned within 2 weeks of delivery if wrong items are received owing to errors made by our staffs.  We will provide you with a RAC (Return Authorization Code) and guide you through the return process.  We will pay for all shipping cost if wrong items sent is due to our mistake. Please simply contact our service centre (service@cattylink.com) 24 hours a day.

     Please note that we are unable to accept return simply because you do not like the sound or look of the item after receipt, the main reason is that Cattylink Analog Research will only sell 100 per cent brand new products and items having been used will be considered to be a second hand item and is of no resell value to us.

     In some cases, however, if the client really has a serious need to return (for example, an urgent need for money owing to urgent matters) we may offer full or partial refund on the below conditions:

1.   Full refund on the purchase price of the item (shipping fee, Insurance /Documents /Payment /Fuel Surcharges will not be refunded as we had already paid them to the related party on shipping out the item) if the item had not been opened for use,

2.   Partial refund at our discretion the purchase price of the item (shipping fee, Insurance /Documents /Payment /Fuel Surcharges will not be refunded as we had already paid them to the related party on shipping out the item) if the item has obvious signs of use : for example, any item that is not in its original condition (missing or damage in original packaging / original containers; manuals, accessories, security seals, shrink wraps for certain products etc.)